Rajini’s Health a Big Concern for Shankar

South Indian sensational filmmaker Shankar, who is currently making ‘2.0’ starring superstar Rajinikanth, is heard to be a worried man because of Rajini’s health.

Rajinikanth in Robo 2.0
Rajini in Robo 2.0

After the completion of ‘Kabali’, Rajini spent over a month in the US with his health not cooperating to even attend the audio launch of his film. As Shankar is making ‘2.o’ as a visual extravaganza, the film also has high-octane action scenes. Although he is managing with the help of dupes, Rajini must act in a few compulsory scenes to complete the project in time.

Keeping Rajini’s health in mind, Shankar has reportedly reduced the number of Rajini’s scenes, which in turn shot up the budget by about Rs 40 crore. Producers are heard to be pressuring Shankar to film more scenes of Rajini so that the film has high chances of recovering the mammoth budget.

Shankar is heard to be in a big dilemma with Rajini’s health and pressure from producers.

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