Rajinikanth top 5 punch dialogues

He is called the ‘Chuck Norris’ of India. Punch dialogues, stylish entree, ‘adrenaline rush’ scenes – form some of the many components of his films. Entertaining and yet conveying a moral message, Rajini films are always a class apart!

Insanely modest off screen, and extremely influential on screen, the ‘Thalaivar’ of Indian Cinema, Superstar Rajinikanth turns 63 today.

We take a look at some of his best dialogues on screen which sent the whistles crack the rooftops in theaters.


“Hi, i’m Chitti, speed 1 terahertz, memory 1 zigabyte”

rajinikanth photos robo

Rajini played a ‘humanoid’ robot in the film, that flaunted great visual effects, mind blowing effects and some awesome dialogues.

“Hi, i’m Chitti, speed 1 terahertz, memory 1 zigabyte” and “black sheeep!!” became some well known lines from the film.


Sivaji The Boss

“Naana pandhuley gumpuga vasthai, simham single ga vasthundi”

(Pigs come in groups, Lion comes alone)

rajinikanth photos sivaji

This dialogue in one of the action scenes from the film made the crowd go crazy. Rajini played an NRI Indian Robinhood who resorts to money laundering to pull the money from criminals and create a greater good for the lesser mortals.



“Devudu shaasisthaadu, Arunachalam paatisthaadu”

(God commands, Arunachalam follows)

rajinikanth photos arunachalam

The line from the movie Arunachalam went on to become one of the ever remembered typical Rajinikanth dialogues. Superstar played Arunachalam, the central protagonist who faces a unique challenge to become rich in the film.



“Naa daari, Rahadaari”

(My way, lone way)

rajinikanth photos narasimha

Narasimha (Padayappa) is one of the sensational blockbusters of Rajinikanth filmland. The film was a rage for its gripping story, stellar performances and punch lines.



“Baasha oka saari chepthey, vanda saarlu cheppinattey”

(When Baasha says once, it means saying hundred times)

Rajinikanth Basha

An all time classic punch line, the film Baasha stands to be one of his biggest hits ever. Rajini played an auto driver cum underworld gangster in the movie. The dialogue above stands to be immortal with Rajini fans.

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