Rajinikanth – Shankar for Endhiran 2?

The mega flick Endhiran was by far one of the biggest successes – not just in Tamil cinema – but in Indian cinema history as well. Its technological breakthroughs were much appreciated by the Indian audiences and by the worldwide ones, and the fact that it starred the Superstar as the android wonder gave it all the boosts in needed.


Now it looks like the sequel to the original may be in the works!

Reports are coming that Rajinikanth has agreed to collaborate with Shankar for ‘part two’ of the mega hit, as his next project after Lingaa Movie! Here is Lingaa Movie First Look

The rumors were that Rajini was not interested in the idea initially but he has, for some reason, come around now and may be starring in the film, reprising his role, much to the glee of the fan community; after all, it was the original that earned him the titular nickname he goes by now…

There are also reports that the technical crew would remain the same from the original movie.

But one wonders if Aishwarya Rai would be coming back to this one – and if not, would the new version have an all new cast and storyline as well. It wouldn’t be much of a shock though, considering Shankar is known for surprising the audiences with new material each time. In fact, this would be his first sequel ever to one of his creations.

But with his project starring Vikram, titled I, also dealing with robotics of some nature (according to certain posters and rumors), could this new piece of gossip be just that? A sincere wish by some eager fans making its rounds in the rumor mills?

In any case, we wait for confirmation to find out for real, if the dream project would in fact become reality someday soon.

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