Rajinikanth to decide elections in TN

With the recent attack on Jaya Lalitha in the illegal assets case, politics in Tamil Nadu are set to change completely. People are losing faith in politicians due to this aspect and there is a need for a loyal person to enter politics.

Rajinikanth Elections

Seeing this situation and the brand image of Rajinikanth, people are saying that the time has come for the actor to enter politics. If everything goes well, Rajinikanth will come up with BJP in the upcoming elections. If this happens, we can expect huge change in TN politics.

In fact, Jayalalitha’s case will create huge chaos among the people in the state and the folks will now debate on whom to select. As a loyal person, Rajinikanth holds good respect in the hearts of TN people. In this scenario, it will be good for the actor to enter politics.

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