Rajinikanth is the CM Candidate for Tamil Nadu!

2016 assembly elections in Tamil Nadu is expected to have a new face in the political stream. It is known that people are aspiring to see Rajinikanth in the role of politician in Tamil Nadu. Looks like BJP too is feeling the same. As per the details, Amit Shah from BJP is expected to bring Rajinikanth into the political arena through 2016 Tamil Nadu elections.


It is known that BJP has great power at central level. Modi’s fame itself is enough for BJP to survive in the top position in India. But, in Tamil Nadu, Jayalalitha’s local power is too high. Modi’s wave failed to cross Jayalalitha’s stamina. Only if a powerful candidate enters the zone, BJP can conquer that region.

In this scenario, the name which can be considered powerful is Rajinikanth. There is a buzz in the media that Amit Shah from BJP contacted Rajinikanth on this aspect. If everything goes well, BJP is planning to give CM chair in Tamil Nadu to Rajinikanth, if he accepts the deal of Modi to get into politics from BJP side in 2016 elections.

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