Rajinikanth called Deepika!

South Indian super star Rajnikanth, who is taking rest presently in Singapore, even though he is keen on to start Rana as early as possible. He is making calls to all the cast and crew of Rana and asking about the updates on Rana project.

He is in regular touch with the movie director K.S Ravikumar and lyricist Vaira Muthu to know about the updates on movie pre production works.

Now the latest news is that Rajinikanth called Deepika Padukone and asked to adjust the call sheets for Rana, which is going to start in September. Normally if movie gets delayed, the actors and actresses are unable to adjust their call sheets due to their prior commitments. But, Deepika Padukone assured to adjust the call sheets for Rana movie, because the movie delayed due to the Rajnikanth’s health.

So soon Rajni is coming back to India with good health and as soon as he comes the movie will go on to sets.

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