Rajini gift to Nikhil Murugan!

Dear Friends,

I would like share one of my most memorable moments in my life.

Life at most times makes you sit and watch the way you have fought yourself to achieve something in life. I presume that this day happens to be the most exciting and eventful day of my career. When you are accorded respect and rewarded by the same person who is instrumental in choosing your career gives it away to you, what more could you expect. A day which would go a long way in my life and deeply etched in my heart not because of the reward but because of the person who accorded it. Rajini sir epitomizes hard work and humility and to receive an award from him and specifically awarded for working with him and his family make this award a very special one.

To receive an award from such an illustrious person makes me more committed to my existing work flow and humbles me as a person to achieve more. Life has been so kind to me with being able to serve such greats in a field of my choice. This inspires me to work lot more to all those who want me to work for them. Thank you and I wish to assure you that I will be there for you always.


Nikil Murugan,
[email protected]

(Nikil Murugan, is one of the leading PROs in Tamil Film Industry and has worked in some of the biggest Tamil movies and with some of the biggest personalities in Kodambakkam)


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