Rajendra Prasad’s brother died in road accident!


Hero Rajendra Prasad’s brother Veerabadhra Swamy died on Wednesday in a road accident near Vijayawada. As per the report from the Police department, Veerabadhra Swamy was severely injured in a road accident and was declared dead by the doctors soon after giving treatment.

It seems that some unknown vehicle gave head on collision to Veerabadhra Swamy’s bike. It is mentioned as a hit and run case by the Police Department. Rajendra Prasad was shocked knowing this accident and he informed the daughter and the son of Veerabadhra Swamy about this aspect. They are presently in Canada and they will be coming to India to attend the funeral.

Police officials are investigating on the unknown vehicle which gave head on collision to Veerabadhra Swamy’s bike. Heavy bleeding is stated to be the main reason for the death of Veerabadhra. Rajendra Prasad and his family members are looking after the funeral aspects.

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