Rajendra Prasad to take new responsibility – MAA President

Rajendra Prasad Maa President

Rajendra Prasad, who won the hearts of Tollywood audience as Tollywood Charlie Chaplin, is now set to take new responsibility in the industry. He is expected to be the next MAA President. Murali Mohan worked as MAA President in the past and now in the upcoming elections, juniors are supporting Rajendra Prasad.

Speaking on this topic, Rajendra Prasad conducted a press meet and expressed his opinion saying that the juniors wanted him to lead them and he is set to take up the responsibility. Rajendra Prasad further mentioned that all the crew in the film industry irrespective of their stardom, will be treated in the same way.

Rajendra Prasad further revised his manifesto saying that the health of the film crew is of high importance. He expressed confidence to do justice to all set of people working in the industry.

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