Rajavari Chepala Cheruvu

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What it’s all about?

The film Rajavari Chepala Cheruvu is a political satire. Posani shows how the political system, police and government officials in the state have become corrupt and then exposes them in his own unique style and finally brings them to book.

The plot:

The plot at first looks simple but gets complicated as Posani tries to deal with several issues in the film. He touches upon the acid attack incident that took place in Warangal, also touches upon the Srija elopement issue and then talks about how a new leadership is needed in the state to cleanse the corrupt system.

Posani is an honest police officer and he can’t stand politicians running free with crime and other nefarious activities. His adamant attitude earns him the wrath of his superiors. Despite several warnings, he does not mend his ways and is suspended. The MLA with whom Posani is having a running feud is targeted by Posani. He wants to teach him a lesson and hatches a plan.

Posani takes the help of the MLA and some government officials and gets permission to set up a ‘Chepala Cehruvu’ in his village. He bribes them handsomely and they give necessary permission without once bothering to inspect the Chepala Cheruvu.

Posani then unveils his real plan. He makes a big hue and cry that his chepala cheruvu has been stolen. He wants the police to trace it and hand it back to him. The police is shocked and the MLA even more as he is trapped along with the corrupt officials.

The MLA tries to scare Posani from exposing them by filming Posani’s wife in the nude. The MLA threatens to hand over the CD to TV channels. However, Posani being the hero in the film, he outwits the MLA with his own game and drags all the corrupt to court and ensures that they are punished.

The actors:

It is a Posani show all the way. He carries his role with the required accent and quirkiness. He is much better that what he was in Mental Krishna. The new girl
Giana plays his wife and she is just average. Zubain Khan sizzles with her sexy looks and a dance number. Kota plays a wicket politician and he is does a okay job.

Brahmanandam, Ali, Krishna Bhagawan and others come up with some clean comedy and the audience enjoys it immensely. Music is okay but the nude scenes of Gaina could have been handled better.

Posani also makes some direct references to Chiranjeevi and also asks the people to vote for him as he is promising social justice and is here to serve the people.

The bottom line:

Rajavari Chepala Cheruvu is a reasonably good take on the present political system. However the film lacks the right speed and execution. Posanis’a long lectures and repeating the dialogue about his Chepala Cheruvu a number of times makes the audience feel bored and sick.

The excessive political nature of the film makes it a not so attractive proposition for the family audiences, students and ladies. The film may appeal to some extent to the front benchers and political buffs.

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