Rajashekahr is hunting for a director to helm Garuda Vega 2

Senior hero Rajashekhar scored a hit after ages with the film PSV Garuda Vega. The movie has become a huge success at the box office and placed Rajashekhar back in the radar. With the boosted confidence with the success of that film, he is now working for a thriller called Kalki.

Rajasekhar Garuda Vega Sequel
Rajasekhar Garuda Vega Sequel

Directed by Prashanth Varma of Awe fame, Kalki will be set in the period of 1980s. Meanwhile, Rajashekhar has recently announced that after Kalki, he will be working on the sequel of Garuda Vega. But the actor didn’t reveal who will be directing this flick. The first part was directed by Praveen Sattaru.

Currently, Praveen is directing Baahubali digital series and it will be released in 2021. Thus, he is occupied till that time. We also hear that Praveen hasn’t worked on the sequel’s script yet. So, we have to wait and see whether he will come on board after getting done with Baahubali, or some other director will helm the film.

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