Rajasekhar’s Garuda Vega Teaser

Angry Youngman Rajasekhar’s new movie PSV Garuda Vega teaser is out now. The film is said to be an action thriller and it is being directed by Praveen Sattaru.

Garuda Vega Teaser
Garuda Vega Teaser

As a key member of an NIA team, Rajsekhar’s character epitomizes the challenges of work-life balance. His wife is played by Pooja Kumar of ‘Vishwaroopam’ fame. Kishore (‘Kabali’ fame) as George is the film’s menacing villain. Nasser, a demanding boss, plays the head of NIA operations and is based in Hyderabad. Ravi Varma holds the forte with research and technical support. Charan Deep wouldn’t refrain from smashing the noses as the team’s muscleman.

Adith Eswaran of ‘Katha’ and ‘Tungabadra’ fame is playing a character that is on par with the main lead’s. Shraddha Das is playing a TV journalist. Sunny Leone comes as a special attraction with a massy dance number. Adarsh, Shatru and Ravi Raj are playing trained assassins. Srinivas Avasarala in a funny avatar will tickle the funny bone, while Ali is a psychologist (a bizarre one at that). ’30 Years Industry’ Prudvi, for a change, is a nymphomaniac. Shayaji Shinde and Posani are rival politicians.

PSV Garuda Vega will hit the big screens in October end this year.

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