Rajasekhar’s Director To Complete 2 States Remake?

2 States is one of the successful films in Bollywood film industry. Starring Arjun Kapoor and Alia Bhatt in the lead roles, the film has become a big hit. After several years of the film’s release, the makers announced the remake for the movie in Telugu.

Prasanth Varma
Prasanth Varma and Rajasekhar

Adivi Sesh was locked for the male lead while Rajasekhar-Jeevitha’s daughter Shivani was on board for playing the heroine. The film was supposed to be her debut film in Tollywood but due to several reasons, the project is not happening now. The film’s shoot was completed for almost 70 percent but due to the differences between the director and producer, the movie halted mid-way.

The film’s director Venkat approached the court that no one else should direct the film on any cost. But, the reports coming in reveal that Prashant Varma of AWE and Kalki is going to direct the project and finish the pending persons.

Interestingly, he also took up That Is Mahalakshmi in between and finished the film. We have to see if this is really going to happen.

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