Rajasekhar Opens Up a Bar?

In the last few years, we have seen many young heroes venturing into side businesses especially restaurants and pubs. Senior actor Rajasekhar looks to have realized the importance of having a side business very late.

Rajasekhar Family at a Bar Launch Event
Rajasekhar Family at a Bar Launch Event

The other day, Rajasekhar and his wife Jeevitha, along with their two daughters, were the center of attraction at the opening of a bar and grills. Although Rajasekhar is not the official owner of the bar, he is heard to have made behind the curtains investment in it. Along with his family members, he made sure to spend significant amount of time at the bar and obliged to have photos with guests so that the grill makes it to headlines.

Rajasekhar has lost several crores on films in the last few years, and he is accused of being in debt to several. Some say that to avoid loaners mob his house, he cleverly invested in the bar and made his friend the official owner.

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