Why did Rajasekhar consume Sleeping Pills?

We had already reported that Rajasekhar’s car met with an accident at PVNR Airport Expressway on Sunday night. His car has hit another car that belongs to a local builder Rami Reddy. Rami Reddy alleged that Rajasekhar drove the car recklessly and stopped it midway.

Rajasekhar Took Sleeping Pills
Rajasekhar Took Sleeping Pills

Rajsekhar hurriedly drove away crashing into Rami Reddy’s Fortuner when he asked Rajasekhar if he needed any help. Later, Rami Reddy lodged a complaint with the police alleging that Rajasekhar was drunk and drove carelessly causing the damage.

Few sources say that Rajasekhar has taken sleeping pills due to depression after his mother’s death. So Rajasekhar took sleeping pills. However, no one knows the truth in this news.

The police conducted a breathalyzer test to confirm whether he was driving under the influence of alcohol. They said no traces of alcohol were found in breath analyzer test. Soon, Rajasekhar’s wife Jeevitha arrived and solved the issue amicably after pacifying Rami Reddy. She said that after his mother’s death Rajasekhar is too depressed and behaving differently. With Jeevitha’s statement, the issue has cooled down between Rajasekhar and Rami Reddy.

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