Rajaratham Telugu Movie Review

Rating: 2.5/5

Critic Rating: (2.5/5)

Movie Name Rajaratham
Movie Rating 2.5/5
Movie Cast Nirup Bhandari,Avantika Shetty,P. Ravishankar,Arya
Director Anup Bhandari
Music Director Anup Bhandari,B. Ajaneesh Loknath
Production Company Jollyhits Production
Release Date March 23, 2018


After scoring a hit with Rangitaranga, which is the debut venture of the Bhandari brothers Nirup and Anup, the duo is back again with another interesting project and they titled it as Rajaratham. Amidst huge expectation, the movie has hit the screens today and it is released in Kannada and Telugu languages, as it has familiar faces.

The recently released trailer has received huge appreciations from the audience and looks interesting and intriguing. It has created a sensation over the internet. Rana has given voice-over for this film and let’s see whether the movie has reached the expectations or not.


Rajaratham Movie Event
Rajaratham Movie Event

The story starts with the introduction of two characters Abhi(Nirup) and Megha (Avantika). They board into a bus named Rajaratham and the bus also has different characters with their own different stories. Both the college mates travel to Chennai in this bus along with others. Besides this story of Abhi and Megha, there is another story runs parallel to it. It is the story of young rebel leader Vishwa (Arya). He works with the ruling party and the government has put a huge task on his shoulders. The rest of the story is, whether Vishwa completes the task or how the love story of Abhi and Megha interlinked with this political leader’s life. To get answers to all these questions, one needs to watch the film.


Undoubtedly, Nirup Bhandari is going to be a huge star in the industry. From his expressions, terrific acting to amazing dancing moves, he is all set to rock the industry. He has improved a lot from his last film Rangitaranga and did a challenging role and impressed the audience.

On the other hands, Avantika Shetty did a great job with her performance and she looks gorgeous. As Vishwa, Arya steals the show completely. Actors Vinaya Prasad and Ravishankar are definitely a visual treat for the audience. Vinaya once again proved her mettle at the box office and Ravishankar’s performance at top notch. Last but not the least, Rana Daggubati’s voice over is a feast for the fans with his amazing sense of humor and he is the main dose of entertainment.

Technical Department:

Rana in Rajaradham
Rana in Rajaradham

The technical department struggled a lot for this movie and we can clearly see it in the film. The editing is one biggest asset to this movie and almost all the departments equally contributed for the success of this film. The music needs special mention and art direction is top notch. Filmmaker Anup succeeded once again with his fantastic acting skills, but he needs a bit of improvement and focuses on the screenplay. Apart from all the technicalities, the screenplay looks a bit lag and boring in some scenes. If the director has focused on it, then the film is definitely has become the biggest blockbuster in 2018.

Writing Department:

The story is one of the biggest advantage to the film. The director has put all his efforts in writing it, without a bit distraction. It is captivating and intriguing. But screenplay is the part that might get the viewers feel a little disappointed and disturbed. There are a lot of boring scenes in the first and second halves, which the director can deleted while writing the screenplay. But the climax scene definitely give goosebumps to the audience. It is one of the best scenes in the film and the director has written it well. On a whole, the director needs to get improved a bit as a writer.

Plus points:

Rana Daggubati’s voiceover
Presentation of story
Nirup’s terrific performance

Minus Points:

Lag in few scenes
Unwanted characters in the second half
Lack of comedy

Final Verdict:

Undoubtedly, Rajaratham is one of the best films released so far. Even though the film don’t have all the elements in proper measures, the characters, dialogues, fellow passengers in the bus and the whole bus journey is definitely one such trip, that everyone should goes on. Without too much graphics, massy dialogues and jumping cars, this film has a simple action sequences and a lot more than that. It is a one time watch and a decent film, one should watch it without keeping any expectations. And also fans of Rangitaranga will definitely love this film Rajaratham without any doubt.

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