Rajanna Review

Rating: 2.50/5

Critic Rating: (2.50/5)

It is

Another case of a Telugu film driving the plot through today’s set of cliches (formula) to make up for lack of content and the talent to realise a decent thing on screen.


Amidst tall grasses are the gasps a mother (Sneha) holding on to her just born. The dora and his henchmen get to her eventually, but, by then the little girl is set afloat to be found later by a local fisherman.

Years pass and the little girl (Mallamma played by Eney) seems to have a natural inclination to songs. Set in the zamandari age (the fifties), Mallamma isn’t allowed to pursue her dreams and the little singing she does around the village gets her into trouble. The landlord (aka dorasani played by Shweta Menon) has a hunch that the girl could be Rajanna’s daughter and tries to kill her. After escaping from the village she sets out to Delhi on foot to meet the Prime Minister and save her village.

Her father and his patriotic heroics (with the sword and the drum) is the film’s flashback.

What’s boring?

The film’s got a dull narrative and a subnormal cast to further bore you. The first half is just a blur of poorly written scenes, bad production design and a boring build up to the scenes which they thought were gonna win the audience in the second half.

Thinking back, I can hardly recollect a single moment from the tiresome first half (even though it is only one hour in duration).

What backfired?

Vijayendra Prasad who usually provides his son with the story has taken this also through a familiar pattern. But, the epic action episodes which they usually bank their money against have failed to impress.

The initial rebellion of the villagers is the only episode which had a few good moments (even technique wise).


Nagarjuna doesn’t give us anything worthy of the character he is supposed to represent. But, with the given quality of scenes and dialogue, it is hard for anyone to shine.

Eney, who takes up most of the screen time had no other option, but, to succumb to the director’s terrible vision of how kids behave. This cruelty towards kids is not new, but, bugs you all the more with the central character being one.

Telangana Sakuntala with her little cameo is the only one that’ll let you forget about bad acting for a while.

Sneha had done her part without much trouble.


The film in its substandard essence might take you back to the 2005 epic dud Subash Chandra Bose.

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