Rajamouli’s stunning statements on Sukumar and Trivikram

Rajamouli Stunning Statement on Directors

King of Tollywood directors, Rajamouli, mentioned that he can pack his bags if Sukumar and Trivikram starts doing mass entertainers. He stated that he is still on board as a good directors just because these directors didn’t touch mass segment till date.

Rajamouli further stated that Sukumar and Trivikram gave him the opportunity to get good appreciation from the audience as if they start doing mass films, audience may not look towards Rajamouli’s flick. He finalized that Sukumar and Trivikram are toppers in this segment.

Interestingly, Sukumar lost mass entertainer battle with “Jagadam”. Later on, he never tried mass entertainer and moved ahead with class flicks. In this scenario, “How far will Sukumar really give competition to Rajamouli in mass genre?” turned out to be a question.

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