Rajamouli’s father preparing story for Sunny Leone?

Latest grapevine in the Tollywood circuit is that the father of Rajamouli, Rajendra Prasad, who is known for the best film stories in the Telugu film industry, is preparing a story exclusively for Sunny Leone. Even though this actress name didn’t come on to the picture, source are saying that the story which is being by Rajendra Prasad is for Sunny Leone.

Rajamouli Father Sunny Leone

As per the buzz in the media, Rajendra Prasad is preparing a story which will have several n**e scenes. It seems that few top heroines rejected this story in the industry. As there are several n*de scenes, Rajendra Prasad is stated to have submitted the script to the censor board in advance, to make sure that it won’t face hurdles in the coming days.

If there are several nude scenes in the flick, heroines will surely reject it and the only heroine who can dare to do it is Sunny Leone. As she entered Tollywood, it would be easy for this director to take her dates. We have to see how far this story in the media is true.

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