Rajamouli’s bait to Bollywood film makers

King of Tollywood film makers, SS Rajamouli, is taking a share of profits rather than going for a fixed remuneration price tag. This director proved himself to be the most worthy one in the industry. Few Bollywood film makers are eyeing on this director and Rajamouli needs to prove himself just once to get into the track.


The concept of share in profits is working as a bait to Bollywood film makers. This shows the confidence levels of Rajamouli as his own money is kept for risk. If film achieves success, Rajamouli can make money or else, he has to share the loss of the producer. This aspect is making Bollywood film makers feel comfortable.

If “Bahubali” blasts the box office all over India, Rajamouli is sure of getting 50 Crores remuneration offers or high percentage profits share from Bollywood film makers. The case is the same for Prabhas and Rana. Fingers crossed!

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