Rajamouli wish to direct this Bollywood Actor!

After the prestigious project “Bahubali”, Rajamouli is set to direct Bollywood’s top hero Amir Khan. It seems that this actor is now looking actively for Rajamouli to make a flick which has all sorts of interesting aspect. Rajamouli’s imagination has no bounds and Amir Khan’s guts have no limits.

Rajamouli and Aamir Khan

If these two joins hands, we can expect the flick to be a blockbuster in Indian film industry. In fact, “Bahubali” is expected to bring nationwide fame to Rajamouli and soon after this flick, if he directs Amir Khan, we can expect Rajamouli to rock Indian film industry just like Shankar.

Looks like, “Bahubali” and “I” are fetching good projects to Rajamouli and Shankar. While Shankar got offer from Arnold, Rajamouli got an offer from Amir Khan. Stay tuned to know more about these aspects.

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