Rajamouli Talks On ‘Copying’!

Despite being the only filmmaker of Tollywood who has not yet scored a flop, Rajamouli has time and again, faced plagiarism charges whenever his new film released.

Rajamouli About Copying
Rajamouli About Copying

The infamous 100 members fight sequence and many shots in Magadheera were compared to Hollywood war films like ‘Gladiator’ and ‘300 ‘. His recent record breaking movie Baahubali too faced many charges as the infant-boy poster is found to be a rip off of ‘The Simon Birch” poster.

Speaking to a leading news channel, Rajamouli opened on copying and confessed that all these years he has not copied the work of others but few scenes and shots might have been unintentionally been copied as he grew up watching lot of Hollywood films. He added that the shot where Shivudu keeps his foot on Kattappa’s head was actually copied from a Hollywood movie based on Genghis Khan but no one noticed that shot but several other original shots got attention.

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