Rajamouli shocks with an anonymous call

Tough master SS Rajamouli won many applause for his innovative and crazy ideas, which made our India proud, with the magnum opus Baahubali. The first part shattered many box office records and he is planning big for the second part more than the first installment.

Baahubali 2 Leaked
Baahubali 2 Leaked

It is already a known fact that the team Baahubali canned some major portions of Baahubali 2 in Kerala. However, this made Rajamouli to shock after few days of shooting. Are you confused? What is the connection between Kerala shoot and Rajamouli shock.

Well, going into details, one day Rajamouli received an anonymous phone call, which made him to get into shock, from an unknown person in the midnight a few days ago. In fact, Jakkana’s mind was in a blocked state for a moment. In the phone call , the unknown person said, “Sir, the entire shoot of Baahubali part 2 filmed in Kerala has been uploaded on YouTube”.

Then the shocked Rajamouli, called all his team members and asked them to check whether it is uploaded on the You Tube. But, by God’s grace none of the footage was not uploaded on You Tube. However, Rajamouli breathed the air for a while and it was a sort of relief to the entire team.

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