Rajamouli Realized his Mistake after watching Manamantha

Ace director SS Rajamouli has revealed that he realized the mistake he has been committing for a long time after watching Chandrasekhar Yeleti’s latest release ‘Manamantha’.

Rajamouli about Manamantha
Rajamouli about Manamantha

In the film, Gauthami gets a chance to go to Singapore for a job. When she asks her family members, husband agrees as she will earn good sum, son agrees as he thinks his career will be bright with the money, her daughter accepts as she can proudly say her mother got on board a flight. Gauthami feels sad as no one asks her to stay saying they can’t live without her.

Rajamouli draws a comparison and said, ‘During her college days, my wife Rama got a chance to go to Canada. But, she didn’t go saying she can’t stay distant from her mother. I always used to tease her saying her career would have been great if she had gone to Canada. But, after watching Manamantha, I realized that I had been thinking with my mindset and Rama had left that opportunity only for her family’.

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