Rajamouli proud of his Kaala Bhairava

If you are thinking about the Kaala Bhairava from Magadheera, you are certainly mistaken. Here Rajamouli is talking about the new sensation Kaala Bhairava from his family.

SS Rajamouli and Kala Bhairava
SS Rajamouli and Kala Bhairava

Only a few people knew that the star composer M M Keeravani has a son named Kaala Bhairava. He has debuted into the singing career with his father’s flick Baahubali-2. He sang a song which goes like Dandalayya in the original audio. Now this song is getting amazing feedback from music lovers. They were spellbound by the way this young singer has sung the song better than his father Keeravani. Watching the response on their kin, Rajamouli got excited and shared his happiness on his Facebook wall. He said that his Kala Bhairava made him so proud by singing the song in a perfect way. Rajamouli states that he was so happy to see Bhairava who has been brought up by Rajamouli since childhood.

The entire audio is well received by the music fans. The songs are driving the fans crazy with their unique composition, and intriguing lyrics were written by Keeravani himself. Keep waiting for 28th of April for release.

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