Rajamouli to interview Sukumar on TV


This Sankranti is definitely getting exciting for the Telugu movie lovers. First, it was the release two big tickets, 1 and Yevadu. Later, it was all those special programs on telly bringing their favorite stars closer to them. Mahesh, Ram Charan and Allu Arjun have individually appeared on different channels, sharing their experiences working in 1 and Yevadu.


If the viewers thought they had enough, well, not really. Ace director Rajamouli will be interviewing director Sukumar in a light mode on Maa TV today. The sources say that S S will be discussing the technicalities that went into the making of 1 Nenokkadine with Sukumar. This would be the second time that Rajamouli has ever interviewed a fellow director – this only shows the admiration S S has for fine film making and able film makers.

So, are you ready to watch the repartee between the geniuses today? Tune into the TV.

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