Rajamouli gave strategic break to Tamanna Bhatia

Tamanna Bhatia is a busy bee in Tollywood. She has been signing lot of films in the recent times. Few of them got average talk while majority of the expected blockbusters turned out to be duds at the box office. With this, Tamanna is stated to be under upset stage.

Rajamouli and Tamanna

Adding to this, “Bahubali” shooting is in full pace and she needs to be with 100% energy to give the best in this flick. It seems that Rajamouli gave her some break to spend time with her family and friends. There is a buzz in the media that Rajamouli gave this break to Tamanna to make sure that she acts with full energy soon after that span.

Tamanna too decided to use this break strategically. It seems that she is planning to do commercial ads in this break apart from spending time with her family.

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