Rajamouli gave more clarity on Mokshagna’s project!

King of Tollywood directors, Rajamouli, gave a statement which gave more clarity on Mokshagna’s project. From the past few days, buzz is raising in the media that Rajamouli is going to show Mokshagna on the silver screen for the first time in an upcoming venture.

Rajamouli and Mokshagna Movie

There has been a debate in the social media sites as Rajamouli didn’t accept the debut flick chance of Akhil, few months back. He even mentioned that he won’t accept debut films but will do further films with the star kids. In this scenario, majority of the people felt that Mokshagna debuting under Rajamouli’s direction is a fake news.

Giving clarity on this aspect, Rajamouli finalized that he has not yet decided on any project after “Bahubali”. This clarified the doubt and marked Mokshagna’s news as a rumor. He mentioned that he is presently concentrating on “Bahubali” and its second version. Soon after completion of this flick, he may take few months break and will decided on further ventures. Bad news to Nandamuri fans!

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