Rajamouli employing Belgium technology for Baahubali

Foley Technology for Baahubali

King of Tollywood directors, Rajamouli is now employing Belgium technology for the upcoming venture “Baahubali”. As per the latest talk, few sound tracks for this venture were now being taken from a studio in Belgium. Foley artist Phillipe Van Leer will be working on the sounds for this venture.

This flick will have few vital minute sound tracks. Like the breaking of glass or the sword sounds or the horse racing sound tracks. All these minute sounds will be reproduced with high quality for better audio in the theatres. This is a new technology for Indians.

“Bahubali” is coming up with Bollywood standards and the producers of this flick were not interested to leave a single stone unturned. They are striving hard to give the best in all the aspects including the minute ones.

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