Rajamouli asks fans to not crave for Fake Records

Rajamouli About Fake Records
Rajamouli About Fake Records

Rajamouli is very hurt by the way fans of Prabhas are acting to screen ‘Baahubali’ in as many theatres as possible just for the sake of breaking records of 50 days, 100 days etc despite the fact that the film is hardly generating any revenue in most of the centres.

‘Record number of 50 days, 100 days, 175 days are things of past. Today, Films are being released in 1000′s of screens and run is over by 3-4 weeks. Few main screens might still give shares, but mostly the run is over’, posts Rajamouli.

‘Audience have given us a memorable victory, that we will remember for the rest of our lives. What more do we need? Our industry is plagued by this issue for a long time. Let’s not be a part of it. It is high time we stopped this. We will NOT block theatres for false records’ added Rajamouli only with the intention of educating few crazy fans who shell money from their pockets for the sake of records.

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