Rajamouli Accepts That He Copies From Hollywood Movies

S.S.Rajamouli is no new name in media and no smaller one for Indian Cinema. Such name and fame were earned by him with many of his blockbuster films. But among them “Baahubali” is a different one.

Rajamouli admits that he copies Hollywood movies
Rajamouli admits that he copies Hollywood movies

Before “Baahubali,” he mesmerized audience in Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu with his visual wonder “Eega.” This film has shown the capability of this director with no big hero or villain involved, but a small animated fly. Even before “Eega,” it was “Magadheera” that introduced him to the national audience. “Magadheera” too had stunning action scenes with visual effects collectively.

And now “Baahubali” has shown what lies in the brain of this director. It appears like “Magadheera” and “Eega” were the trial version or a practice sort of films for “Baahubali.”

With such breath taking scenes that gives goose bumps to the audience, Rajamouli has made his mark on the Indian Film history. After gaining huge popularity among many, Rajamouli admits that he copies some of the scenes for his films from Hollywood.

In a recent lecturing for Madras IIT students, Rajamouli revealed this thing and felt nothing wrong in it. With an attendance of over 1500 students, Madras IIT was listening carefully to what this ace director was speaking. The students asked him few questions and he replied to all.

Among them was a boy who stood up carefully, hold the mike tightly and asked “Sir, are you inspired by Hollywood films?” Rajamouli laughed after listening and replied “Boy, you shouldn’t have asked the question that way, you should have asked whether I will copy Hollywood films?” listening to what Rajamouli said, everyone started laughing and clapping.

He further said “Yes, I do copy few Hollywood scenes and put in my films. There is nothing wrong in it unless I copy from my contemporaries. While I was an assistant director, I used to narrate few Hollywood movie scenes to by colleagues who weren’t interested in those films. They used to get excited whenever I explained those scenes to them.

Always remember when a great work got fulfilled, it is always inspired by some previous work. I make such scenes for films only when necessary. I do not create any particular scenes only to involve copied scenes. Hollywood movies have become a part my DNA” he said.

Whatever it may be, but Rajamouli accepting that he will copy from Hollywood movies is a good sign of his authenticity.

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