Rajamaouli’s Baahubali Latest Trailer vs King Kong Movie

Director SS Rajamouli released a new trailer from the movie Baahubali, which is rocking the social media now. Few people also commented about this trailer and few scenes in the latest Bahubali trailer similar to Hollywood film King Kong, which was released in the year 2005.

Have a look at this scene of Baahubali (felling down from hills) , which look like same scene from the movie King Kong. After watching the Bahubali trailer many people remembered King Kong movie scene.

Baahubali Latest Trailer Copied from King Kong Movie
Baahubali Latest Trailer Copied from King Kong Movie

Earlier also there was a news that Baahubali movie poster also copied from the Hollywod film Simon Birch. Check Here

Have a look at both the clipping and what do you say folks!!

Baahubali Latest Trailer:

King Kong Movie Scene:

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