Raja caught for drunken driving!

You need to be moderately familiar with the city to know that a traffic signal which drunken drivers are known to avoid is the Juhu one next to Hotel Marriott.

Despite his past encounters with the Mumbai police, Raja Chaudhary was not aware of this. Or alcohol might have clouded his judgment.

The actor was caught driving under the influence of a lot of alcohol at the Juhu signal on Saturday night at 12.50 am. A rather skimpily-clad Shradha Sharma had accompanied Raja on this drive.

An eyewitness, who happened to see the commotion on the road, says, “A lot of cops just crowded around Raja.

All of them were obviously familiar with him and his past drunken driving cases. While they were all asking him questions, Raja was busy on his phone calling several numbers, one after the other.”

In the meantime, damsel Shradha was seen getting back into Raja’s car. She was seen dialling a few numbers on her phone and some friends arrived in time to take her away.

Raja tried to negotiate with the cops but to no avail; they took him away in the police van.

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