Raima Sen Injured In A Rape Scene

Talk about actors getting into the skin of the character!

Certain ‘Method actors’ in Bollywood are known to give their best shot when it comes to their work. Time and again we have seen actors deliver stellar performances.


They have been paying attention to the smallest of the nitty gritties of the characters that they portray!

Whether it’s Aamir Khan as ‘Mangal Pandey or Nawazuddin Siddiqui as ‘Faizal’ in ‘Gangs Of Wasseypur’, our stars do not hesitate to depict emotions which are totally in contrast with their natural personalities.

Now, it is Raima Sen who has got us impressed..and how!

Recently, while shooting for an upcoming film, Raima Sen got injured while shooting for a Rape Scene in the film!
Not only her, even her male co-star, Tillotama got injured while shooting the scene.

But showing their professionalism, the actors continued to shoot the scene till the perfect take was okayed! They continued stating that they intended to bring ‘depth’ to the scene.

Later, the actors interacted with the media and said that it was a very embarrassing scene and they never expected that they would do such scenes!

“I felt fear surge through my body. It was definitely the toughest scene I ever shot for!”, said Raima Sen.

Tillotama, adding to her, said, “It’s not easy to prepare for a rape scene. At the same time, it’s not difficult for any woman in India to understand that pain. We live it everyday!”

As it is, shooting a rape scene is not easy. High amount of co-operation is required from the crew of the film. Also it must be ensured that the scene is shot aesthetically.

Well, actors sometimes do end up venturing into tough territories, don’t they?

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