Railway Budget 2010 Eagerly Awaited

NEW DELHI, INDIA : Everyone is eagerly waiting for the upcoming Railway Budget 2010 which is going to be unveiled by Mamata Banerjee, the Union Minister for Railways on Feb 24. It is being assumed by many that the minister will present a populist budget and steer clear of increase in passenger fare. This is going to be her sophomore railway budget. However, it is being speculated that she might opt for an increase in freight rates to bring in more revenues. The finance analyst is of the opinion that even if the minister chooses to hike the freight of other materials she will not hike the freight for fertilizers and food grains. This is because the country is already reeling under the increased price of essential food grains.

After the minister reveals her plans for the Railway Budget 2010 on Wednesday it would become clear what she has thought about her home state, West Bengal. She may announce a number of super fast Duranto trains. The existing ones have become extremely popular with the passengers. These trains were criticized by some people in her earlier budget but now they have been silenced. Apart from introducing long distance trains, the minister is also likely to incorporate steps to increase the safety of passengers in trains. She may also propose setting up model stations in major cities of the country.

Some people are also of the opinion that through the Railway Budget 2010, Mamata Banerjee may also introduce a special security fund for Railways. The minister may also make way for increased private sector investment in railways.

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