Rahul Mahajan wants kids soon

Rahul Mahajan, who married model Dimpy Ganguly on a TV show, is now keen to extend his family and says he can’t wait to have children. But as a husband he feels he should wait for a while.

"I want children. But when I give it all a thought, I feel that as a husband I must wait and it will all come with time. On the contrary, as a father, I want children to come quickly. I can’t wait!" said Rahul.

Rahul, son of late BJP leader Pramod Mahajan, says he has been enjoying his life ever since he married Dimpy on March 6 on Imagine TV’s reality show Rahul Dulhania Le Jaayega.

The couple registered their marriage last week.

"We have been keeping busy making the most of our courtship period. We go for drives, shopping, night-outs, and we may plan another holiday in July. So I want work to take a backseat for two to three months to enjoy this time knowing my wife," said Rahul, who is currently playing host to his parents-in-law and sister-in-law.

Rahul was recently put through a loyalty test by his wife on UTV Bindass’ show on infidelity, Emotional Atyachaar. And he emerged clean. Though he didn’t mind being spied upon, he was disappointed that he failed to understand that it was all a trap.

"I always used to think I am James Bond, very smart and alert. I always thought that I would get to know if anyone will spy upon me. But this time I was taken for a ride. I really felt bad about it. But no grudges against Dimpy," he said.

Rahul is happy that his wife chose to prove the world wrong about the questions people have been raising about his integrity.

"I don’t think Dimpy did anything wrong by putting me through this. I don’t think there’s a need to question her as to why she chose to do this. After all she is my wife, not my girlfriend. Whatever she wants to do is her decision and she can do whatever she likes."

"I know she didn’t do it to test her trust and faith in me, so I took it very lightly and on a jovial note," he added.

Rahul had earlier married childhood friend Shweta Singh in 2006, but separated from her two years later.

They have said it was a clear violation of copyrights.

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