Rahul, Dimpy ‘married forever’!

Rahul Mahajan who married Dimpy Ganguly, the contestant who introduced herself to him by saying, “I’m Dimpy from Kolkata. By the way I hate noodles and can’t cook”. The couple speaks to TOI about their marriage not being a time-bound agreement and the age difference not that serious an issue …

So, Rahul dulhaniya sahi mein le gaya. Isn’t this what the viewers are talking about? Obviously, yes! The excitement is not just because it is Mahajan who tied the knot, but also because the reality-show-can-find-the-right-match model has proved right. Something the viewers were neither expecting nor willing to accept, particularly after the Rakhi-Elesh fiasco. While the critics continue to speculate the span of this marriage, Rahul says he knows the significance this bond carries, for him at least.

“Whatever I’ve done has always been under the media glare, irrespective of me wanting it or not. But I’m glad that I haven’t gone back on the promise (of getting married) I had made to my mom and the country. Mom was aware of Dimpy as my choice and supported my decision. She only wants to see us happy. I feel blessed to have found my soulmate in Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jayega – Swayamvar Season 2. Bhagwan ke ghar dair hai, andhaer nahin. For Dimpy’s father to have told her to take care of me, considering all that I have gone through in life, was quite touching.”

Contrary to the cynics’ opinion, Rahul tells us there is no time limit to this relationship. “I will stay married to Dimpy till the end of my life. Our marriage will get registered tomorrow in Bandra, Mumbai.” Even though Rahul’s statement might appear like a strong message meant for Rakhi and Elesh who ended up making a mockery of the reality show, he denies any such intention. “Going by the family that I belong to and the values that have been instilled in Dimpy and me, it is not right to break the promise we both have made.”

Having witnessed several hardships on the personal front in the past, Rahul believes this wedding is the first step to a much-sought after blissful life. “This is like second birth to me. I believe positive things have begun to happen in my life and I’m hopeful that it will continue.” And if you think Dimpy alone was experiencing the wedding jitters, you’re wrong. For, the groom tells us that he wasn’t all that comfortable either. “Mera dimaag blank tha. I had no clue about what I was supposed to say. It was pretty difficult for me. Par jaise hi Dimpy ko dekha speech apne aap mooh se nikalti gayi. All this while, only girls had proposed to me. But it felt great when I proposed to Dimpy on national TV. Yeh sammaan ek ladki ko milna bahut zaroori hai. Yeh sammaan mein apni biwi ko doon isse bhadkar koi aur cheez nahin thi. It was a romantic moment that I will narrate to my kids and grand kids. They obviously need to know how I met and married Dimpy.”

It’s just been a day since he got married, and the plans to have kids are already underway, is this true we asked Rahul. “Dimpy is still a kid. She is just 21. Since she wants to explore the opportunities in life, I’d like to give her the time to think through this decision. We will certainly not be planning to start our family for a year or so.” And what about the age gap between Dimpy and him? “I have been asked this question a lot of times. But does it really matter when it is only about your soul mate. Neither of us feels the difference in our age,” he laughs. It isn’t different for Dimpy either, who feels, “More than the age it is the reason that matters. Looking for a groom is a task. The older one grows, more confused he/she gets.”

But how about the saas-bahu bickering, which scares virtually every man? “Saas bhi toh kabhie bahu thi. There’d be no such issues, for, we don’t live in a joint family. We all have separate flats. I’d be living in my house with Dimpy and my pet. Isn’t that enough to have our own space. I’m aware of my responsibilities and will shoulder them maturely,” he replies.

Did he not think of Shweta Singh, his former wife, on the day of his second wedding? “Nahin. Aaj ka din sirf Dimpy ka din hai. Usi ke barae mai maine socha,” he says. Rahul also rubbished Shweta’s statement that he offered to remarry her on the show. “Aisa mujhe kuch yaad nahi hai. That’s not true,” he says. And was it a hard decision to marry immediately after his uncle Pravin Mahajan’s demise? “I wouldn’t like to comment on that. I just know that I’ve fulfilled my promise to get married and will soon leave for a holiday with Dimpy.” (TNN)


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