Rahman’s new straight hair look

Rahman's straight hair

Rahman’s new straight hair look

After sporting his natural curls at the beginning, the Mozart of Madras A R Rahman eventually shifted to experimenting with various hairstyles. He may be the busiest and the most engrossed composer, but Rahman always made it a point to adapt to newer hairstyles. Previously it was wavy hairstyle followed with a buzz cut. Now, the new look is ultra straight hair, and that too colored.

AR Rahman

At the Grammys

Rahman’s new straight hair look was spotted first time recently when he posted his selfie at the Grammy in Los Angeles. The new look suits him just like his older hairstyles, making him look hep.

AR-Rahman wavy hair

The original curly hair

Some say that his wife Saira Bhanu is very instrumental in pushing her star husband to try on new looks all the time. The same straight look was tried on by Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar, surprising many. However, it was no disaster, so to say.

AR Rahman in Buzz cut

Rahman’s buzz cut

His recently composed music for Bollywood film Highway has become an instant hit, with ‘Mahivey’ sung by himself, topping the charts. What more, Rahman even managed to make actress Alia Bhatt sing for the film.


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