Ragini MMS on Inetrnet!

It is supposed to take you into the world of surreal; a sensuous combination of facts and fantasy Balaji’s Ragini MMS was awaiting its release in May. Ekta Kapoor was already banking on hype and novelty as part of her pre release ventures. In keeping with the story which hints at supernaturalism, the television bigwig was preparing the tones for a paranormal platform.

The premier was to be equally nightmarish as to create a feel of nerve pricking horror. But was she trying to give a feel of it by having the film downloaded on net? This is what has just happened to Ekta Kapoor’s forthcoming Ragini MMS. Much to the surprise of all and against the principles of sensor board, the film made its way to the net. Such a move is unprecedented so far. The provoking contents added to the anticipated theme of horror might have accounted for the fast downloads.

According to the producer of Balaji brand, the film relates to reality. The copyright of the said incident was purchased by Ms. Kapoor from the concerned lady. The astonishing move might just be an attempt at titillating the audience. It might well be another case of piracy. (Real Bollywood)

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