Ragini MMS 2 Review

Rating: 2.75/5

Critic Rating: (2.75/5)

An interesting thing happens even before the film starts – the screen shows Manforce condoms as the brand partner which is followed by the Lord Balaji logo of Balaji telefilms. The next two hours that follow are an ironical mix too – brassiere  and balidaan.

The sequel is directed by Bhushan Patel, who thwarts the ‘bhoot’ chanting Hanuman Chalisa. Ragini MMS 2 titles begin with Hanuman Chalisa, and takes off from where the prequel ended.  Ragini is now in a mental asylum being treated for multiple personality syndromes.  Meanwhile a famous director Rocks (Parvin Dabas) plans to make a movie based on the Ragini MMS incident, and decides to shoot it at the same haunted bungalow where the horrifying incident took place three years back.  Rocks picks Sunny (Sunny Leone) to play the role of Ragini. Sunny visits Ragini at the asylum, as part of research to get into the skin of the character, and she witness a weird behavior. The crew reaches the bungalow to carry out the shooting. The rest is obviously all about whom and how does the ‘chudail’ possess and attack sequentially.

Well, sex and horror are the two factors this movie has banked on. The former is taken care well by Leone who has contributed generously to the sexual content of the movie.  When it comes to emoting something, she is a piece of wood. She is as uncomfortable in portraying emotions as much she is comfortable in doing the unnamed lingerie advertisements that keep appearing intermittently in the movie.

Executing the horror part was taken care by the screenplay and the sound effects, succeeding most of the times in scaring the viewer. Few portions remind you of Ramsays, which make it a bit unintentionally funny though.  There is a desi touch given to the script by basing the story on superstitions like balidaan.  The back story was crisp and effective. The flow of the movie is smooth too and doesn’t waste too much time in any sequence.

Coming to the performances, thankfully Sunny sets the acting bar so low that even the artificial performance by Parvin Dabas looked decent. However, the male lead Saahil Prem gives a tough fit to Leone’s acting skills. Sandhya Mridul tries to do a Rakhi Sawant and was ok. The actor who played Maddy was impressive though. The only matured performance is of Divya Dutta who plays a New York returned doctor.  She does it with élan.

However, one thing is for sure that the movie somehow manages to get the attention of the viewer either through sex or horror. Ekta seems to be under the impression that getting under the skin of the character can be unabashedly substituted by showering loads of skin show.  The makers definitely know what the movies’ assets are.

All in all, the sequel just crosses the passing marks balancing horror and sex. And, yes STRICTLY FOR ADULTS!

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