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Mildly, an intellectual movie! It stars a super cop, the macho Raghavan, who is a very loyal and disciplined and sweat blood out for his duty types! He has lost his wife due to some villains grudge. But still, faith is instilled in him. Watch this honest police officer’s saga into a chilling murder mystery – traveling all the way From Vizag to New York.


When Rani, daughter of senior police official Anand Raj (Prakash Raj) goes missing, Raghavan (Kamal Hassan) is called to Vizag to investigate the case.

The intuitive cop soon finds her body buried in a remote area. Rani had been brutally raped and killed. Investigation into the motive or the suspects yields no result. Rani’s bereaved parents migrate to the US. And it’s when the duo too are murdered brutally that Raghavan steps in again. He goes to New York to claim their bodies and investigate the killing. Later, it’s a cat and mouse game between the cop and the killers. Why such brutal killings? It forms the crux of the film.


Kamal has done his part very well. He seems to look a little bit fatty.

But, his detective scenes are very good and well directed. The way he expresses his love to Jyothika is superb. Kamilini- no great acting chance in this movie. Comes for one song, one scene & dies in a pitiable condition. Jyothika has performed very well. Even her eyes acts & expresses according to her mood. Her costumes were very good & well chosen for the fast paced life of NewYork. She comes in Salwar & saree only once in this movie. The villain Daniel Balaji has over acted & has given over dose of violence. Certain scenes like Kamal’s investigation (both in India & New York), Kamal-Jyothika related scenes are really nicely picturised. Prakash Raj did a neat job as the victim of meaningless violence and vengeance.

Technical Details

Story, screenplay and direction by Gowtham deserve high appreciation. It is a clear murder-mystery thriller. The subject goes on in finding out this killer, who he is? Why he does this? What could have plausibly led him to do this?

Gautham, as a director has done a nice movie. It has been well-taken. The actors have been chosen for each role with maximum precision. The first half goes slow and steady, but the second half drags to some extent, but to a great climax. Music by Harris Jayraj is amazing. Stunts by Shiva are composed in a different style, say they are in real police-criminal style. Cinematography is great. One minus point, of course negligible, is that there is no comedy at all. Of course, no sane viewer will expect comedy in such a highly serious type of entertainment.


The movie is opened to terrific collections. Kamal Hassan simply rocks. Hollywood-level standards and well-planned subject are great plus points. It can even have repeat value with certain sections.

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