Raghava Lawrence Showed his Big Heart

Raghava Lawrence is not only a multi-talented personality but also a man with a huge heart.

His Lawrence Charitable Trust has already helped more than 130 poor people get free operations. Now, the good hearted Samaritan has once again come forward to help a poor little girl, who is about to undergo a heart operation for the fifth time.

Raghava Lawrence
Raghava Lawrence

A 5-year-old girl named Muthu Lakshmi, who belongs to a poor family, has reportedly undergone four heart operations already, and she is about to undergo another soon. Once Lawrence was informed of her condition, he could understand the pain of the little girl.

Lawrence came forward to bear the expenses and also requested people to pray for her health, a great human being for sure.

Let’s all pray for the health of the little girl.

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