Raghava Lawrence Saved More Than 100 Lives

Raghava Lawrence is the perfect example of a man who rose to stardom with sheer hard work.

Not many know that he started his career as a driver to a film celeb. He slowly became a choreographer, and now he is the hotshot director, who can make exorbitant profits with his horror comedies. The success of ‘Muni’ series is prime example of Lawrence’s stardom.

Raghava Lawrence Saved 100 Lives
Raghava Lawrence Saved 100 Lives

Despite he has become a top celebrity he has not forgotten his roots. He is one of the very few celebs who does social service without much publicity. He was the first one to come forward and donate huge Rs 1 Cr during the time of Chennai floods.

He has recently helped a child get treatment for a life-threatening disease. After some digging, we found out that he has so far saved close to 130 lives by paying the operation costs.

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