Ragada Telugu movie review

Rating: 3.00/5

Critic Rating: (3.00/5)

It is…

A Telugu film that considers itself to be super smart and engaging.


Don’t mind if my writing for this part of the review seems similar, you can only blame the filmmakers, not the guy who makes a little money writing about them.


This very original writing has a bunch of gangsters (gangsters only coz the film tells us so) with some disputes within them. One gangster wants to kill the other, the other wants to kill someone else, reasons being superficially written mega clichés of any fictitious screenplay we face every minute in our beloved land of family controlled film commerce.


And as always, the hero (in this case Nagarjuna) arrives out of nowhere and shocks all the gangsters of the city by knocking out at least 20 plus goons at every given chance to fight the evil forces and impress the masses. The hero of this feature comes from Kadapa and wants something around 80 crores to fulfill his ambition which is later revealed in yet another originally clichéd flashback thing. Ya and we do have two pretty ladies (Anushka And Priyamani) who fall for the Hero irrespective of what he does, here its mostly lighting fags with the aviator shades on and a few other manly things such as the electricity he can generate when he touches them on the hip (hips usually because that’s one part the censor board is okay with).


Further elaborating, a crowd of twists await us in the second half and they again are very originally clichéd. What the Hero is really here for?, the female leads with their own conspiracies and how the Hero sorts it out, shocks them and ultimately impresses them enough to lust after him. You know the drill!


What’s good?
Brahmanandam’s incredible capability to make you laugh regardless of anything else in the film is the only thing that stood out for me (I’ve stared in nothingness for a whole to think of something else, couldn’t get anything).


What’s bad as usual?
Too damn predictable routine of a screenplay even with all the twists in the main outline of the plot.


And the length of it seemed never ending.


Nag was pretty successful in putting up Rayalaseema slang but was nothing new in actual qualitative terms.


I don’t think people watch Telugu films in the hope of finding any exciting performances and this film doesn’t alter that hope pattern.


Three guys sitting in the row ahead of me seemed like hardcore Nag fans and these dudes had a gala time. Nag was their rockstar and they were cheering every single gesture of his.


Hence the advice – watch this like a sub-urban Nagarjuna fan and it’s hard not to have a great time.
Cannot do that? Better save the cash and time.

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