Ragada Review

Nagarjuna, Anushka and Priyamani’s new film ‘Ragada’ is set all hit screen on Today.It is directed by Veeru potla and produced by D.Siva Prasad Reddy under Kamakshi kala movies banner.  

king Nagarjuna’s introduction with a fight and a dialogue on Kadapa. “Nachithe cherukugada lekapothe Ragada”.

There starts the first fight. Fight is good.

Anushka’s introduction as Sirisha. She looks classy but has mass dialogues

First song with Charmi. ‘Naa pere ragada’

Enter Brahmanandam. He generates laughs with his entry.

Brahmanandam n Anushka share few funny scenes.

Ashtalaxmi alias Priyamani is form a brahmin family master bharat is her brother.

Priyamani enters scene.. some guys attack her ..as usual saved by nagarjun.

2nd song Okkadante Okkade started, this Song was picturised at Jordan and Nag and Anushka shares sizzling chemistry.

Hilarious scenes between Nag, Anushka and Brahmi. Ragada seems to have good number of comedy scenes.

A conversation between the gang leads to a big fight at villain’s place. A well composed fight.

Second-half begins. Nag recollects flashback while returning back from villain’s place. Nag’s name Satya Reddy disclosed only in the second half. Story picks up to the main plot

Flashback ends by justifying the role of Nag as why and for what purpose he comes to Hyderabad from Kadapa.

‘Ragada Ragada’ song on Nag, Anushka and Priyamani starts. A good mass number.

Interesting twist on Priyamani’s role. Looks like more twists to turn up. Good comedy timing between Dharmavaram, Brahmi and Bharat.

Many unexpected twists and twirls in the second half. Final song ‘Empillo Appleoo’ on Anushka and Nag comes in. Story leading to climax.



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