Radha Ravi’s Counter to Vishal

Radha Ravi is one of the senior actors in Kollywood film industry. He recently made some objectionable comments on Nayanathara for which he was trolled, criticized and received backlash. Nadigar Sangam too sent a letter to him asking to take back his comments and gave a warning to him that they will take serious action if the same repeats again.

Radha Ravi and Vishal
Radha Ravi and Vishal

Vishal posted a tweet saying that Radha Ravi has to remove Radha from his name. Now, Radha Ravi came up with a strong counter to Vishal.

“This is like RK Nagar. Radha is my father’s name and I added it to my name.” said Radha Ravi as a reply to Vishal.

Soon after the outrage that took place on social media, Radha Ravi was immediately suspended from DMK party.

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