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“Logic lu evaru nammaru andariki magic le kavali” says Allu Arjun in Julayi. Race Gurram strictly follows that principle and ends up giving a paisa-vasool commercial-esque entertainment.

Race Gurram kicks off with showing sibling rivalry right from the childhood between Ram (Shaam) and Lakshman aka Lucky (Allu Arjun). Ram becomes an honest cop and Lucky is a street-smart engineering graduate who aspires to settle in U.S. Meanwhile Shiva Reddy (Ravi Kishen) a maleficent ‘rowdy’ is on the verge of becoming a minister. Ram’s mission is to put Shiva Reddy behind the bars, but due to one of the tit-for-tats between Ram-Lucky, things go haywire. The rest is all about how Lucky using his ‘horse’ power thwarts the ‘political’ power of Shiva Reddy.

Well, the movie starts off as the Gharshana –ish rivalry, but the difference here being the sons are from the same mother and father. The film is a hodgepodge with various incoherent sequences, lacking logic. Vakkantam Vamsi’s writing seemed to be a work of picking the best parts of what worked in his hit combination with Surender Reddy – Kick. To evoke laughter and to bring enough adrenaline, the logic takes a backseat. However, fortunately the entertainment factors with which the movie was compensated with, work for the audience.

The length of the film works against the film, mostly owing to the songs which seem out of place and some lengthy sequences. Also, the lousy track of Prakash Raj is unnecessary. Why was he cast in such an unimportant role? And the whole point of having Prakash Raj is just to get a reason to have the Cinema Choopista mama song. Shruti Hassan played Spandana, whose introduction is very intriguing in but later she ends up as a glam-doll restricted to songs. Mukesh Rishi is wasted too.

Despite the bunch of drawbacks, what makes the viewer hooked to the seats is Allu Arjun’s strong screen presence coupled with Surender’s stylish execution. The stylish star tries his best to entertain with élan and succeeds too with the exuberance. Ravi Kishen is apt, but he goes over-the-top at times. Shaam was adequate too. Saloni makes a special appearance. The movie also has some Surender Reddy’s regular like JP and Sayaji Shinde.

Another biggest plus point is the comedy. The humour works in most of the places, and Brahmanandam as Kill Bill Pandey lights up the penultimate 20 minutes.

All in all, Race Gurram does run at various speeds, stops at some places but eventually succeeds in reaching the winning mark.

“Thammudu- Born to Win”

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