Rabhasa Movie Story leaked to the media!


Young Tiger Jr NTR’s film “Rabhasa” is now ready to enter the big screens on 29th of this month. Even before it touched the silver screen, the story of this Rabhasa Movie is now out to the media. Few media segments revealed the story of this flick saying that it is an entertaining first half combined with a commercial mass second half.

As per this story, Jr.NTR will fall in love with Pranitha but will give signals to Samantha due to some confusion. Finally, he realizes this fact but he falls in love with Samantha by that time. Here comes the twist. NTR goes to Samantha’s house but he says to his parents that he is going to USA for higher studies.

Exclusive: Rabhasa Movie Highlights

In the second half, few action episodes follows and “How Jr.NTR manages to marry Samantha?” forms the remaining story. This one is leaked to the media. The plot looks interesting and this leakage is helping the flick to get more publicity in the arena.

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