Rabhasa Movie Review

Rating: 2.75/5

Critic Rating: (2.75/5)

One of the most awaiting film of the Dussera season, Here is the review of “Rabhasa” , which came on to the screens today. This flick is clouded with heavy expectations as this venture is expected to take Jr.NTR to a new level. After series of flops, Jr.NTR pinned all his hopes on this venture. Read on to know whether this flick helped Jr.NTR to get the required breakthrough or not.


Karthik (Jr.NTR) enters India from US. People in his village will come to his home to offer their girls as brides to Karthik. His father too asks him to choose any one from them. But, his mother says that she is aspiring to see Chitti alias Indu (Samantha) as her daughter-in-law. To fulfill the wish of his mother, Karthik starts his journey. He tries to capture the details of Indu but he misunderstands the situation. In a scenario, he fixes his mind that another girl (Praneetha) is Indu and he tries to woo her. Finally she falls for him and the song Rakasi Rakasi. Indu is the roommate of Praneetha and she tries to take her away from Karthik. With series of incidents, Karthik realizes that Indu is his sister-in-law. Before this, Karthik and Indu will help their friends to get married. This makes Karthik the main target for another family. How Karthik manages these hurdles and how he marries Indu turns the remaining part.


Jr.NTR’s determination to achieve a hit can be seen in his eyes in this venture. He maintained perfection in dance, fights and sentiment scenes. Samantha and Praneetha too looked pretty. Samantha’s glamour quotient got reduced in this venture while Praneetha attracted audience once again in the role of traditional Telugu girl. Brahmanandam’s comedy is a big highlight for this flick. In short, his comedy took the film to a new level. Ali, Jaya Prakash Reddy, Nazzar and other supporting crew too did their best to support the plot. This film has a vast crew as it has 4 families involved in it. This film is a story of 4 different families. In spite of that, film maker managed to used all the crew in the right way.

Technical Aspects:

Film Director Santhosh Srinivas tried to make the flick a big one and hence he took a very big story. It looked like, audience may get confused with the plot if they doesn’t follow the story in the right way. Production values were well maintained. Songs, fights and the locations were well choosen. Gandharwa Mahal, which turned out to be the controversial aspect for Suresh and Manchu Lakshmi, is the main asset for this flick. Its elegent look made the flick look good on screen.

Music department did its best.Choreography, editing and screen play were all ok.


There is lag in the film’s first half. Action episodes blasted the minds of audience in the first half. Even though they looked good, there were few unrealistic sequences like bouncing of the people and the cars. Praneetha’s role is short but she is entertaining. Plots confused audience to some extent as it has four families involved. Second half came as a bang from Brhami. His comedy was on peaks and he made audience literally fall on floor laughing. Sentiment episode in the second half too was good but the entire flick is affected by lag factor. Violence dominated romance in this flick. The best part in the venture is Brahmi’s comedy. It will be a feast for comedy lovers.

Second half looked entertaining with comedy while first half is mostly embedded with action sequences.

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