Raasi requests Rajamouli for Baahubali

Actress Raasi has recently met ‘Baahubali’ director S.S.Rajamouli and requested him something. No, it is not about any role or cameo in the film.

Raasi approached Jakkanna for a special screening of his magnum opus ‘Baahubali’ for the orphan children who didn’t watch a film till now.


The story behind Raasi requesting Rajamouli for screening Baahubali is somewhat touching. Raasi, who is the mother a one-year-old baby girl, has once revealed in a TV show that she feeds the orphans with good breakfast, lunch and dinner on every birthday of her daughter.

She recently visited the orphanage to meet the orphans spoke with them for a long time. In the conversation, Raasi got to know that the children didn’t watch a single movie in a theatre till date. As the children wished to watch Baahubali in theatres, Raasi was left in a dilemma as the movie left the theatres long back.

Raasi, who decided to make the children’s wish happen approached Jakkanna. After telling about the orphans wish, Raasi took the permission from S.S.Rajamouli to screen ‘Baahubali’ in Prasad’s lab. One hundred orphan children were taken to the special screening of Baahubali.

That how Raasi fulfilled the wish of orphans.

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